martes, 10 de abril de 2012

My Neighborhood

My neighborhood is pretty big, but my nearest neighbors and me lived here for many years and we all know, not so sure but we are careful, there are many schools and many trees. We also have public transportation. There are some parks and a couple of supermarkets, a shopping center and many bakeries. we can also make sports and we have all kinds of sports fields.

My Errands

Every day i get up at 6 am, took a bath under me and dress myself to go to college, arrived at 7 and leave at 12.30 pm. I got home at 12.50 lunch and take a nap. Upon awakening I do my homework and organize my things for the next day, i play video games for a couple of hours and at night I help my mother with the dinner, sometimes i help my brother with his homeworks then i go to sleep and start the next day.

jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012

About my family

My family is more or less common, my mother is a worker mom, my father works at home, my sister is a stay home mom and she cares her baby and her husband also works at home with and my dad. my brother and i study. in my familiy there are a lot of lawyers. a couple of engineers and a lot of stay home moms, all youth study to one day be like our big brothers and parents :D

Urbe Trends

In my career, the fashion trends is wearing short hair and use clothes like red, blue, green or yellow, wearing glued jeans and converse shoes. the men glued baggy pants and sneakers wide and large caps or hats, the also use long hair.

Unsolved misterys

This story didn't happened to anyone who knew, or in my countr but once i saw it in internet. and i wanted to share it with you because i found it interesting. The video shows some young people who go on a road at night and they found a little lost girl, this one was walking down on the street, slowly and quietly, she seems to need help, they offer to take, and ask if you fell sick, if you need water and where it goes, the girl says it need to go a little further... and they were frightened by his precense, nervous when the girl says is here, is where i die. watch the video :D


Hii Personally before doing this homework, i loved this song! because it is aimed at people who hide the real person they really are, or they dont fell comfortable with his life, because the people around the scorn or dream that they have nothing to say respect that, but inside we all have that special spark that makes us shine! You just have to motiveate us to find our place and get that spark :)